2019 best wishes and FOCUS for the new year

A great and prosperous 2019 to you all!

2018 in summary

  • We spend a lot of time, money and effort on re-branding our business to “König Coffee”
  • König machines took off like a rocket. The new A10s and A7’s sold very well towards the end of 2018
  • Almost over-night we became the main agent for Saeco and we imported a lot of machines to arrive later in January 2019. More info to follow.
  • We had one-on-one meetings with most of the franchisees and got great feedback and ideas. Better and more communication is needed. Support on sales leads.

2019 focus

  • Sales sales sales (and marketing!)
  • With two shipments of machines arriving (Saeco end-January and Konig (including V8’s) mid February) we are well set to get going.
  • Roll-out of König retail outlets is a reality and on the go. We believe this will be the step that takes the business as a whole forward. Selling from a store in a “lifestyle” mall is the way forward and gives us the visibility, marketability and recognition to grow. Coming up early this year is Ballito, Polokwane, Umhlanga (old Italian Lifestyle store) and then interest by one or two Pretoria franchisees and same in Cape Town. A few other franchisees are very interested, but will most likely follow towards end 2019. Target is 6 stores OPEN by end 2019 and another 4 signed and WIP for early 2020 = 10 sold this year. Official sales meetings will be held throughout the year, every 6-8 weeks, as we market online via Facebook, with prospective buyers. First round went very well.
  • Massive improvement on our website to do more/better: Lead generation, document and information access for franchisees (much improved intranet functionality straight on the website), landing pages for each retail outlet, regular news and tutorials (blog posts), access control for specific info only for franchisees, etc

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