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Zoho CRM introduction

Two video's to get you going on our new Zoho CRM system

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Sales Training Manual

Our updated sales training manual as at 2020/01

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Never leave a machine for a trial (and never give sample product for free)

Handling this objection is key to being a successful salesman

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How to manage your OPEN Opportunities in Insightly

How to manage Opportunities in Insightly via List Views with a few other tips and truuks

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How to do a proposal in Google Docs

How to do a proposal in Google Docs and link it to Insightly - step by step video

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Insightly - From lead to opportunity

Systems make it possible, people make it happen. Use Insightly correctly!

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How to conduct a sales meeting

Richard Denny's classical 7 steps to conduct a sales meeting

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How to do a proposal

Rules for doing a not fall into the trap

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