Christo is in China

27 Aug 2019: Christo is currently visiting Rooma in Ningbo-China. Mainly to discuss and workshop improvements on the V8 machine, but also to build our relationship with this supplier.

Christo has already sent us about 40 short video’s on whatsapp for all kinds of little technical things which in itself has already been a massive help to understand minor things that we were not sure of, or did not understand.

The following points are just some of the notes/improvements that are valid for now and might be of interest to everyone:

  • The majority of the changes and improvements will be retro-fitted (or loaded as software) on the current machines in South Africa. Christo is bringing an extra suitcase back with him 🙂
  • Buttons programming will cater for the ability to disable buttons if you like
  • The function to add a pass-code on the menu is ALREADY available. We just did not know – code 15 on the settings menu. Password remains 201407 as it always was and still is on the A10s and now on the V8 also. To remove this option you enter on the settings menu: 50 (WC) > 213101 > 15 and change it again.
  • The V8 ALREADY caters for a milk powder option (no fresh milk). So it can be a “Queen Brilliance” if you like – simply change the fresh milk setting to NO (setting 13).
  • The Koreans has already 500 of these machines in production in Korea. Mostly in take-away coffee shops. They are working fine.
  • More flexibility will be added in the software for button programming and the current pre-solution button will be 2 buttons, with or without milk. Setting options will be improved for milk programming (milk will start at 2 seconds on all buttons for example). Name and image changes will be possible. This will allow us to even put Jacobs Instant coffee in the second container and make an “instant cappuccino” with froth milk.
  • Future machines will have an “ice americano” option. Hot Espresso + room temperature water (not from the boiler). The user can simply add a few ice cubes to his cup before he presses the button to cool it down even more.
  • A few small improvements on the brewer piston, valve-connectors, mixer motor design and milk flow system to improve some problems that occurred here and there.
  • Screen re-fresh rate is adjusted in the new software to eliminate screen-freezing which happened here and there due to screen refresh rate settings not adequate.
china trip 1
Owner of Rooma on the right. Technician on the left
china trip 5
Showroom and training center – Notice our coffee in the front. They are very impressed with the quality of our beans! – Ryan, our english-speaking-chinaman contact on the left.
china trip 4
Manufacturing and testing stations. Lots of women doing the job!
china trip 3
V8 stock going out to Korea and Germany. Rooma sold 50000 X A10 models last year world-wide. They are now a significant player in the Korean and Germany markets!
china trip 2
Konig A10 (A7, etc.) filter for water tank…YES…at last. Now we can make more money and protect all our machines from bad quality water!
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