Hand-roasted coffee – roasted to perfection!

freshly roasted coffee beans

König Coffee – purveyors of all things coffee

König Coffee selects the finest green coffee beans from around the world and then roasts them to perfection to bring you the perfect cup of coffee.  From freshly roasted whole beans to ground coffee, single-serving sachets and capsules – you can be assured of rich flavours and aromas.

We also supply traditional and bean-to-cup machines and consumables to homes, businesses and restaurants.  We support and service coffee lovers throughout South Africa and Namibia.

Hand-roasted coffee – roasted to perfection!

Ground coffee, whole beans and sachets

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freshly roasted coffee beans

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Beans and ground coffee

Experience the full-flavoured taste and aroma of our freshly roasted, hand blended coffees.  We make sure we lock in flavours and aromas by not roasting our beans too dark.  Too many roasters hide low grade and imperfect coffees by dark roasting them, resulting in the bitterness sometimes associated with “strength”.

At Konig Coffee, we roast for depth of flavour, aroma and ultimate coffee experience.  Try our coffee without sugar, you will be surprised at how much pleasure we can put into a cup!

award winning coffee roasters

König Coffee – we’re ALL ABOUT COFFEE

Winner of 2 Gold and 1 Silver award in the Aurora International Taste Awards, taste challenge

Single serving coffee sachets

For those coffee lovers who crave the taste of freshly roasted coffee when away from their machine, we have two innovative (and enjoyable) solutions:

  • Our 12.5g Drip Filter Sachets may be placed over any cup, in any place (even out camping) to produce the perfect cup of full-flavoured filter coffee. Our drip filter sachets offer sealed in freshness anywhere!
  • Our 8g Coffee-in-a-Bag is an even simpler solution – just pop it in a cup and pour boiling water over it as if it were a tea bag and you’ll have perfection in a cup!

Both our Drip Filter Sachets and Coffee-in-a-Bag products are packed with our award-winning filter coffee for a great coffee experience, wherever you may be!

The König commitment

König Coffee continues to challenge the boundaries to ensure excellence on every level; from design and technology to quality and freshness, and a support network that is rivalled by no other!

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