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A full range of consumables and vending supplies

König Coffee’s fully Automatic V8 coffee machines are able to hold hot chocolate, chai latte, and cappuccino premixes in powder form to be mixed with water and / or milk on dispensing.

All of our soluble powders have been developed by us and are being manufactured in South Africa under license. When you rent a coffee machine from us, we reserve the right to be the only soluble supplier to you for the duration of the rental contract.

All of our products may be ordered via our national network of franchisees, online or through Takealot.com. We will gladly also supply vending solubles to clients who have purchased coffee machines elsewhere.

Vending supplies for corporate & hospitality

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König Coffee – the all-in-one solution!

We understand the importance of the timely delivery of coffee solubles, accessories and consumables and offer a wide range of product to meet domestic, business and hospitality requirements.

Milk powders & hot chocolates

Vending Milk Powders and Hot Chocolate powders have been part of our offer offering for almost 20 years and we’re proud that our products are made in South Africa.

Cleaning tablets & filters

Every coffee machine requires routine cleaning and care. We offer a full range of professional care products from Brewer Cleaning Tablets to Milk System Cleaner and Waterline Descalers.

Consumables, cups, lids & stirrers

Look no further; we offer all the consumables you’ll need to keep your employees or customers happy!

The König commitment

König Coffee continues to challenge the boundaries to ensure excellence on every level; from design and technology to quality and freshness, and a support network that is rivalled by no other!

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