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Let us roast your coffee beans to perfection!

The Konig Coffee small-batch roastery is equipped with two Buhler Roastmaster 20 coffee roasters, which allow for us to roast small batches of coffee with careful attention to yielding the best flavour profiles.  We don’t bulk-roast or over-roast our coffee beans, but rather favour gentle roasting for a great flavour and fine aroma!

The Buhler Roastmasters are Swiss roasters which allow for programmable roasting profiles to be locked into the system for consistent roasting, time and time again.  Every batch is carefully monitored through the integrated management system to ensure the same perfect roast.

Beans and destoning

As soon as our beans are cooled after the roast, they are passed through a destoner to ensure that we do not miss small stones or chips of wood, and to remove any small pieces of left-over husks to ensure a clean and dust-free coffee.

We personally purchase our beans from the most reputable green bean suppliers as we have done for years. Our roasting teams also package all our beans in-house, after controlled degassing to ensure the freshest possible beans for your coffee machine or grinder.

small batch coffee roastery

Ready to roast?

If you love good-quality coffee and would like us to create a unique roast for you, we’d love to discuss our contract roasting services with you.  We roast and package at very competitive pricing on quantities as little as 200kg.

If you’d like to launch your own coffee business or brand and not have to invest in your own roastery, König Coffee may be your ideal coffee roasting partner!

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Winner of 2 Gold and 1 Silver award in the Aurora International Taste Awards, taste challenge

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The König commitment

König Coffee continues to challenge the boundaries to ensure excellence on every level; from design and technology to quality and freshness, and a support network that is rivalled by no other!

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