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CARONAVIRUS UPDATE:  Our business is closed for the lock-down period.  We remain on standby for our clients who remain open.  See our action plan here : READ MORE 

COVID-19 Action Plan


PLEASE NOTE: Our offices are closed for the lock-down period.  We are on standby for clients who remain open as prescribed by the government.  For most of these clients we have already made arrangements in this regard.  Should you however need support in this period and your business is classified as an essential service/business, please contact us as follows:

  • Bernita: 082 924 4817 ;
  • Manus: 082 886 5849 ;


Konig Coffee will always put the health and safety of staff, franchisees, customers and suppliers as a top priority.  The COVID-19 outbreak has necessitated some extra measures to curb the spread of this disease.  All branches of Konig Coffee have implemented the following:

  1. Extra hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the warehouses and office blocks
  2. Regular staff training and educations sessions, including the use of language specific videos, have been conducted to explain the transmission, prevention and symptoms of the disease, and to provide updates, with staff signing a training register to ensure all have been included;
  3. Information posters and signage have been place in strategic locations in all premises, to keep the practice of regular hygiene foremost in the staff’s mind;
  4. Regular and thorough hand washing is being continuously promoted;
  5. Staff are being reminded daily to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, and to avoid handshakes;
  6. Staff have been educated as to safe personal spacing and distances, safe coughing and sneezing behaviour, and to report if they feel unwell or have any family or contracts who have become unwell;
  7. Our franchise network has been educated and assisted with the same information and also with business and trading recommendations to ensure we continue doing business through this difficult period;
  8. Customers and suppliers and their staff who attend our premises are being requested to either wash or sanitise their hands prior to entry;
  9. Work and count top surfaces are being regularly cleaned and sanitized;
  10. Picking and packing staff have been issued with additional protective wear such as gloves;
  11. All staff have been informed of the need to be mindful of customers and suppliers requirements around Covid-19 when interacting with them.  In many instances our customers have already enforced safe working practices;
  12. Delivery and technical support staff are carrying sanitizers and have disposable gloves available;
  13. Regular updates on the latest news and recommendations from reliable news sources are shared with staff and franchisees on a regular basis.

Konig Coffee will keep these and other measures in place going forward to ensure the well being of all staff and customers.

Konig Coffee will continue to implement any other measures, within the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the local Department of Health.

We wish all our staff, customers and suppliers and their staff the best of health during this difficult period.

Your Sincerely

The König Coffee team

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