Equipment Warranty

IMPORTANT: Our company provides the following terms and conditions regarding warranty of the equipment we sell and support as per the information provided on this website.  

General Warranty Policy on Coffee Equipment

Equipment all carry a 1 year and/or cup-reading minimum (such as 10000 cups - machine dependent), whichever comes first.  These details are specified in the user manual, brochure and/or proposal documents of the relevant equipment and can be summarised as follows herewith:
- Domestic equipment: 1 year or 5000 cups, whichever comes first
- Commercial equipment: 1 year or 10000 cups, whichever comes first
- Super automatic equipment: 18 months or 20000 cups, whichever comes first

 This warranty is a “walk-in-warranty” and cover all parts and mechanics of the equipment under "normal use" of the equipment.  

Normal use

Normal use implies the use of the equipment as per manufacturers specifications as set out in the user manual, brochure and/or proposal documents of the equipment.  While our company will endeavor to always train and educate our clients on the use of these equipment, it remains the responsibility of the client to read and apply the instructions in the above mentioned documents of each equipment.

Excluded from warranty

- Malicious damage such as forcing a water container or drip tray into the equipment in the wrong way.
- Foreign objects found in the grinder - see warranty statement on "Specific Warranty Policy on Bean to Cup Coffee Equipment" below.
- User error such as water spilled into the bean container - and grinder
- Electrical damage caused by power surges, lightning and voltage fluctuations.  These occurrences can cause damage to the computer (PC) board/s of the equipment.  South Africa is known for power cuts and load shedding that can cause these occurrences and hence it remains the client's responsibility to protect the equipment with the relevant devices against such occurrences at all times.

Specific Warranty Policy on Bean to Cup Coffee Equipment

Our company roast coffee beans ourselves.  We guarantee your coffee equipment's grinder motor and/or grinder blades for the life of your coffee equipment under the following terms and conditions:
- Our coffee beans is to be used at all times in the machine
- This guarantee only covers damages caused by foreign objects in the beans. No other reasons, such as water or other substances found in the grinder blade or proven other causes on the relevant electrical motor, such as electrical spikes/surges.
- The costs covered under this guarantee is only for the cost of these two parts:
  - Grinder motor
  - Grinder blades
- Any other costs are NOT covered, such as:
  - Labour costs
  - Transport costs
Warranty is only valid if:
  - Machine is opened for the first time by a trained technician of Konig Coffee at one of our facilities and a foreign object found to be the cause of the problem
  - Verification is provided that client is using our coffee beans
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