König A10 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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Daily capacity of: Up to 20 cups
Recommended for: 
Domestic, Small Office

Functions & Features

König A10 Super Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Ideal for Domestic or Home Office Coffee Snobs - Become your own Barista and do Latte Art. The Konig A10 produces Professional Quality Espresso brewed Coffee beverages.

Hold on tight and use one of the most luxurious and functional coffee makers in the world. König's A10 series is a super-automatic touch-screen machine that will create your favourite drink perfectly. Six programmable selections and great coffee - we're in heaven! NO CAPSULES - Just Pure Quality Coffee Beans; double the quality and 1/2 the cost per cup.

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Konig Coffee Roaster guarantee the grinder if only our Coffee Beans are being used (T's & C's apply)

Below are a few of the many super features & benefits of the A10 bean to cup coffee machine.

  • 1 year or 5,000 cups warranty
  • Touch Screen with six programmable selections
  • Up to 30 cups per day production
  • Double Thermo-Block heating system
  • Professional Fine Foam milk system
  • One-Touch Cappuccino & Latte
  • Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Milk Foam only & Hot Water only
  • Adjustable grinder from 7 - 12g coffee
  • Removable Brew Group for easy cleaning
  • Each beverage can be individually programmed for strength and standard volume
  • Shute directly into brewer to handle Rooibos Espresso or ground Decaff coffee
  • Each programmable drink's temperature can be set individually
  • Two Cup Warmer to ensure warm porcelain
  • 350g Bean hopper to make up to 35 cups per fill
  • 1,8 ltr internal water tank OR use External purchased water tank OR plumb it into the household filtered water system
  • Coffee waste holds up to 12 cups
  • The machine can make 2 of the same cups at a time
  • Automatic Cleaning & Maintenance cycles from the electronic touch screen
  • Milk system cleaning is required daily to ensure professional deliverance
  • Sensors in place to warn for no beans, no water, or full waste coffee and water drip tray
  • Can handle Milk fridge or container from left or right side depending on client space availability
  • We Deliver Nationally
  • Machine Services and spares are kept inhouse, no 3rd parties are required
  • Machine reliability is superb, it should produce at least 25,000 beverages if the OEM service protocols adhere too

Brew barista-quality coffee with your König A10 coffee machine. Satisfy friends and family with specialized coffee, milk-based drinks, and even cappuccinos!

The König A10 has a sleek design & is small enough to leave on the countertop. With help from our app, you can brew any type of coffee or tea you want with ease.

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With the König A10 coffee machine, you can create the perfect cup of coffee in just a few minutes. The König A10 bean to cup coffee machine is #1 in its class because it brings barista-quality coffee to your home. It has a customizable brewing system and options for manual or automatic settings.

The best feature of this machine is that you can enjoy a Cappucino, americano, or your favourite espresso at home or at your office without having to go out to order one at a cafe.

The König A10 coffee machine is the best in its class. It offers barista-quality coffee, Cappucino, Americano, and more with a variety of bean types.

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The König A10 Super Automatic is the perfect machine to produce espresso, cappuccino, and other hot beverages for you and your family. It comes with a 1-year warranty for parts and a 5,000 cups warranty for the machine. So you can feel at ease knowing that your investment is safe.

This is a great brewing system for those who want to have freshly brewed coffee from the comfort of their own home or office. It has an easy-to-use interface and can be plugged in at any standard electrical socket. There is no downside to owning this bean-to-cup coffee machine, just 1000's of cups of pure coffee pleasure...


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