Saeco Phedra EVO Cappuccino

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Daily capacity of: Up to 120 cups
Recommended for: 
Medium Office, Large Office, Canteen/Restaurant, Guesthouse/Bed&Breakfast, Petrol Garage
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Functions & Features

The Saeco Phedra EVO Cappuccino is designed to make your coffee breaks special

  • State of the art cappuccinatore to make your cappuccino frothy and special
  • Dedicated hot water spout
  • 1 Coffee bean hopper (1kg)
  • 3 Soluble canisters
  • 8 Buttons with 2 preselections
  • Coin mechanism compatible (extra)
  • Large dreg drawer (50 cakes)
  • Direct plumb-in OR drum operation
  • 7-9g Removable Brew Unit

My take on this machine:

  • A unique vending machine that handles both soluble and fresh milk.  And it does both of these very well!

Saeco history in SA:

  • König Coffee started way back in 2001 with Saeco here in South Africa.   We are now the direct distributor of the Saeco professional range of South Africa.  Meaning we stock parts and have trained technicians that can do the job.  Workshops in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.


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