How to look after your most prized possession

Know the basics and learn the lingo

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Removable brew unit

Meet arguably the most important component of your automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine:  The Brew Unit

  • Remove and clean once a week
  • Do tablet cleaning on your machine if it has that function

NOTE: Some machines do NOT have a removable brew unit (like Jura’s).  Send your machine to us at least once a year so we can remove, clean, replace O-rings, and apply silicone grease to the moving parts.

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Coffee pucks/cakes

Heres ‘n real simple tip to check if your GRINDER and BREW UNIT is still working nicely.

  • The coffee pucks (cakes) in the drawer of your coffee machine should by nice and firm. Check the image above.

3 things must be right for these pucks to be perfect:

  1. The grinder coarseness must be fine (not too rough)
  2. The dosage of the grinder must be 8-10 grams (a 6 gram shot is just terrible!)
  3. The brew unit must be clean with new O-rings on it!

This video will help you if you have a machine with a removal brew unit:

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