Individual franchise pages on our website

We are trialing the addition of individual landing pages for each franchisee currently. These pages are not yet available on the website menu structure, but will follow as an option in the top menu from where visitors to our website can scroll down, by province, to the relevant franchisees as they wish

The objective is to:

  • Present each franchisee formally on our website
  • Have all the pages in a similar looking template layout so that they all look similar and professional.
  • Have a contact form for each so that any client can contact you direct.
  • The contact form will result in an email directly to you as well as a Lead created in your name on the Zoho CRM system. From there you can action it as per normal.
  • A franchisee can use this page in their own marketing campaigns (Facebook, etc.). We will assist with this function if needed.

See the first draft page done for Ian Pretorius herewith:

Please forward the following info directly to Manus so that he can build your draft page as well. See Ian's page for how this will be used. You are welcome to add any suggestions or comments as well.

  • A nice head-shot image of yourself - professional photo if possible.
  • A background image of yourself typically standing in a showroom or in one of your client's pause area's. This image must be from 5-8 meters away. It can be used as the back-ground image at the top of the page.
  • A short "bio" of yourself. (Go google "how to write a short bio of myself").
  • The year that you started as a franchisee
  • Whether you work from home or from an office. The latter we will add a google maps insert on the page for you so clients can find your shop/office easily.
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