Introducing our new support-ticket system

From 2 May 2019 we’ll be live on our new “help desk” support system – Zendesk!

Although full of features and functions, this system is actually addressing a very basic issue – managing and communicating the process of solving machine related problems from beginning to end! This system creates a “ticket” which becomes the record of all relevant data for that query from start to finish.

Managing the actual repair job through a fully mobile job card system AND the subsequent invoicing of that job has been in place for many years. Even scheduling the technical call outs. However, the starting point (problem), ongoing communication and finalisation (closing) of the original enquiry relied, up till now, on all kinds of mediums, such as emails, telephone calls, Whatsapp messages, etc.

With a growing multi-workshop load, more technicians and bigger customer base, the latter simply resulted in us dropping the ball from time to time, simply due to missing an email, forgetting to check Whatsapp or Joe (the workshop guy) who went on leave for a week and no one knew about an outstanding query from customer X.

The Zendesk system basically replaces all our internal/individual email inboxes and groups it into a central system from where each employee receives, replies and communicates to clients the progress of that ticket. The status, duration and details of each ticket is now managed centrally and even our CEO can log in and view summary reports of how we work with clients!

How can clients log a support call now? Well our new system allows manual capturing and a few other easy ways of logging calls, BUT the best way of doing it is simply to go to any page on our website and click on the “SUPPORT TICKET” link at the top. Desktop or mobile. This link will take you to a form where you log everything related to the problem you are experiencing with that machine.

After which you will receive an automated email and internally we get an alert accordingly. From there you will receive email-updates and you can reply on them as we address the issue till it is sorted!

Support ticket desktop 1
Support ticket mobile
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