Jobcard system for Franchisees

As per previous discussions and video’s, we’ve been using our new Odyssey Jobcard system now for while with a few franchisees also having received their logins. For the rest of you we urge you to start using the new system, which includes a nice App for your phone as well, as soon as you can.

Simply send an email to Dewald at and request your login.

The company we work with is called Odyssey and they reside in Bloemfontein (nogal :)).

Your next step is to email Rynard de Kock at Odyssey and request the training. Rynard will set it up directly with you and take you through the use of the system. His email:


  • The system includes a module called “assets” which is our central database of ALL our equipment (machines).
  • Each franchisee gets a “branch” login which means your jobcards are separate from the rest of the company
  • You can use the system for quotes and invoices as well.
  • All services must be recorded on the system so that we have a completed track record against each machine stored centrally.
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