Konig A10s burst steam-pipe issue

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a few cases of a burst steam pipe on the Konig A10s. Mostly in Johannesburg.

Below is a few images that explains the issue and result.

  • Below are a few images that explains the issue and result.
  • The common denominator is most definitely related to regular and good cleaning of the milk frother. These photos are from machines being repaired in our workshops.
  • In one or two cases we found machines making 100 cups per day. Too many cups for the A10s to handle, especially when many of them are made in quick succession.
  • We have also received advice from China to adjust the steam boiler temperature a little bit in the deep-programming function of the machine. Talk to Dewald for assistance herewith.

Message here: 1) Make sure you do proper training to your clients on daily maintenance and cleaning of the frothers. 2) Make use of milk cleaning liquid every day.

We do have many more machines in the market working very well and many of them do make 50-60 cups per day with no problems.

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