Konig Coffee Brochure

Below is the link to download our updated brochure of our whole business, equipment range and product range.

This brochure can be used for:

  • Impressing clients with a nice overview of who and what we are
  • Opening a conversation and building report (sales stuff!!!)
  • A carrot to get the conversation going (more sales stuff)

This brochure is/must NOT:

  • Replace the sales process of meeting with a client, understanding their requirements and compiling a short and specific proposal as per the meeting already conducted.
  • A proposal or quote will include all the knitty gritty stuff (installation costs, inline filters, delivery dates and plans, etc. etc.) which is not in the brochure.
  • The brochure pricing in the brochure is a guideline for rentals only including maintenance so a prospect can get an idea. These prices are not fixed. You can amend them and change them as per the specific solution presented in the meeting and subsequent final proposal/quote.

Link to download our up to date brochure: CLICK HERE

NOTE: Once you’ve completed the meeting and finalised the exact solution, pricing, installation cost, etc. you type up a proposal WITH NO SURPRISES IN IT by going to our Google Docs templates and using the template document from inside Google Chrome. CLICK HERE

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