Konig Coffee – equipment range update

The picture is getting clearer

For those not following our monthly sales sessions and possibly still not sure what you should sell when…here is an update of what we’ve got and where we are going.

Ultimately the goal is to have our “own” range of machines with decent margins, good quality, making us unique and giving us a wide range to satisfy any size/type of client out there. YES, still with “automatic / one touch” in mind.

  • A7 Coffee machine, DOMESTIC ONLY at R8,500 ex vat it is superb value for money
A7 Alt1
  • A10 Coffee Machine, With the central dispensing nozzle, touch screen, cup warmer, large waste bin, milk and other cleaning functions, etc. the spec of this machine is in my mind a much higher spec than the Jura WE8 and cost per cup over 3 years is far less!!
Konig A10s Alt1
  • NEW V6 Coffee machine, > 100 cups per day, 8ltr water or plumbed, big hopper and waste, double cappuccino and rooibos or decaff options, touch screen – R29,900 ex vat as launch price!
    • Check out Manus’s first video on this machine here: click here
    • Capacity and functionality wise this machine fits in between the Jura X8 Professional and the Jura Giga X3. In our view a little bit closer to the Giga X3 actually, e.g. grinder comes with ceramic grinder blades!!!
Konig V6
  • V8 Coffee Machine – This is our version of the WMF 1200 with a milk pump, touch screen and super fast Beans & Choc ONLY for now.  Software updates for Chai to follow later, NOT available now.  R46,860 ex vat
Konig V8 with fridge small
  • Saeco Aulika EVO Top HSC will be available in 3 weeks from now at R34,650 ex vat
    • Basically the much improved version of the current Aulika you all know
Aulika Evo Top HSC
  • Saeco Phedra EVO Cappuccino with fresh milk and 3 Soluble still available at R46,650 ex vat
    • How to make more money out of one client? Very simple, sell them more products! This is the ideal machine for that = 4 products can go into one machine!
Saeco Phedra Alt1
  • La Radiosa – Milano is a very good option and is available on demand with 6 weeks order lead time – This is the Saeco version of the WMF 1500 or the Schaerer Soul with hot & cold milk and everything that opens and closes with 2 Beans and one Soluble and a 5ltr Milk Fridge, plumbed in with waste required and with a 500 cup per day capacity! for R139,000 ex vat 
    • A thing of beauty, launched this year directly in competition with WMF and the other big guns and we are the only ones in SA with it!
  • New Godrej Espresso – say no more, this is the one we will offer from next order only at R43,000 and it offers more. 
Espresso Plus 4 small
  • Godrej 5400 – this machine needs no introduction, it is the big instant and at R28,500 still the biggest and fastest with biggest capacity at the price.  This one does fresh leaf tea as well
5400 tea
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