The all new König Coffee EXPRESS Mobile Coffee Business Opportunity

König Coffee is a Truly South African story. We started as The Coffee Co back in 2001 and we have a Passion for Service, delivering Lekker Coffee. Much later we registered our Brand as König Coffee, the Kings of Coffee!

König Coffee EXPRESS

Mobile coffee businesses are a great way to get into the coffee business. By leveraging your current skills and knowledge, you can start a mobile coffee business in little time with little risk.

Access to top of the range coffee equipment...

Traditionally König Coffee operated in the workplace for the workplace. Our slogan “Office Coffee Solution Providers” are serving Coffee where you work, for your customers and for your visitors.

What makes us different from the next guy selling a coffee machine and some coffee beans? König Coffee has a huge range of equipment, related products & service on offer. We are a true “One Stop Supplier”.

We have great pride in introducing the brand “König Coffee EXPRESS” by taking Coffee back to the People! Where you Live, Drive, Walk & Play and want coffee!

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König Coffee Express is a versatile, trailer-fitted coffee franchise business. Since we introduced our first Tuk-Tuk in 2016 and a few trailers after that, we understand what is required from design to equipment and how to serve the end consumer.

Mobile coffee businesses are a great way to get into the coffee business. By leveraging your current skills and knowledge, you can start a mobile coffee business in little time with little risk. Mobile coffee businesses are successful because they make it easy for you to be your own boss.

 You can choose what hours you work, where you work, and who you serve.

Who is this coffee business opportunity for?

This type of coffee business is perfect for someone who has experience in the food restaurant or retail industry. 

To qualify for this opportunity, you don’t need to have any experience working in food service or be skilled in pouring espresso drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and Frappuccino’s because we will train you to do all that plus our automated coffee machines does most of it for you anyway.

Due to Covid restrictions and people not moving as freely anymore, we planned König Coffee EXPRESS in areas where there are 100’s or even 1,000’s of people all moving through selective streets or gated entrances, and we give them access to a Fast Cup of Coffee. 

Add to that any other area where it is legal to park a coffee trailer and we are in business.

What We Sell: Hot and cold coffee beverages, from Espresso or Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, and everything in between. Our food offering is limited to pre-made and individually sealed sandwiches, Muffins (savoury or sweet), Freshly baked Pies, Croissants, etc. but no food preparation allowed
Our model is brilliantly priced and includes our Franchised System of Delivery. We as the Franchisor is here to help all the way from initiation to finding a good site, training staff, and serving great coffee. 

We understand what can go right and wrong and we are there with you all the way to assist where possible and we all win when the end consumer has a smile on their face after a great cup of coffee.

The Trailer is designed and built on a licenced Trailer body and designed to be movable and fitted with all necessary equipment, accessories & branding. The design and layout took cognisance of potential clients, serving areas & weather conditions.

Our proposed sales areas include but are not limited to:

• Schools and other Sport or Spectator areas
• Housing Estate and communal areas
• Festivals and big Events
• Business/office parks or Retail Centre Areas
• University Residential or Communal areas
• Farmer’s Markets


Own Your Own Mobile Coffee Business

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How do we set you up in your own coffee business?

Equipment used: The Coffee Machines we use are all König Coffee machines, backed up and serviced by the Franchisor. All our equipment is fully Automatic, programmable to deliver exactly how a coffee should be made and allows the Barista to interact with clients while the machine does the coffee best.

Coffee Beans: We just love our coffee. Not too bitter, medium roasted and with that rich aroma and full body to make sure you must have a second one. We use two Buhler Coffee Roasters, and we make sure our coffees are selected and roasted to our high standards and client expectations at all times.

Training and Care: We will do as much training as is required to get you and your staff coffee funds. We make and use all our own care products for caring for the machines.

Other Soluble Products: Milk powder, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte’s, etc. are all manufactured specifically for us with our own recipes and in South Africa. This way we are in control to ensure best quality and consistent taste.

Consumables & Care Product: Our Paper cups, sugar and other consumables are sourced in-house from our central warehouse and distributed to you. The Care products are manufactured with automatic machines in mind and all available from Franchisor.

Franchisor Team: The Team at Head Office is a well-oiled machine and we have been doing what we do best since 2001. We believe that every Franchisee must be successful, and we take it personally if you are not. Your success is our success. We grow together.

• We have great relationships with our suppliers, some from as long ago as 2001
• Our annual increases are from 1 March each year and some years it was negative!
• We have a great technical team, both in the workshop and telephonically
• Our distribution network has been tried and tested and we qualified
• We love what we do and it shows
• We deliver what we promise
Franchisee: We select our Franchisees just like you select us, and we are looking for:

• People that have business savvy and can make the business work. It is your business, not ours. We will help you all the way, but it stays your business.
• If you enjoy what you do, you will experience Passion, “passion is an output, not an input according to Simon Sinek” and we want our Franchises to experience real Passion
• You must focus on the business and not see it as a hobby
• Are you an Enthusiastic person and can you become enthusiastic about our business opportunity?
• We are Service orientated, that is where we started and ended up serving coffee
• Manage people and be a people’s person to build relationships with staff and clients
• Are you Financially strong enough to qualify for the Franchise business?
What does this all cost: We want you to start a business and not a hobby, it will take time, effort, and dedication to make a success of it but if you follow our system, the outcome is predictably good.
• 1 X König Coffee EXPRESS fully kitted and ready for business = R175,000 ex vat
• Start-up cash required for working capital = R10,000
What are the next steps?
• Contact us and we send you the required application and we do a dual direction “Interview”
• We must fill in and complete all the paperwork
• You pay the Franchise consideration
o We have finance options available if you qualify and have more than 50% cash
o The Franchisor does not finance businesses, it is a bank
• Make yourself and appropriate staff available for a week of training about all aspects of the business
o Konig Coffee business understanding and operations
o Konig Systems training on all aspects of the business processes
o 3 days of training for the Barista(s) & running the trailer day-2-day
• You, with our help, identify and select the best-selling spots in your area and launch the EXPRESS
• Once you achieve results, order the second one…


Own Your Own Mobile Coffee Business

CALL US 0860 110 832
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