Konig V8 – How to unblock the milk frother

Herewith a video and some images to explain how to unblock the milk frother pipe in case it happens with one of your clients.

Symptoms that will tell you there is a problem:

  • Frothing process makes a hissing noise with little or no froth, only hot milk, flowing out
  • Adjustment of the air-intake knob (behind the bean hopper) has no effect on the frothing. This knob is very sensitive and a small adjustment will have a significant effect in either blowing too much air or too little air into the milk.
  • Running cleaning liquid or clear water through the milk cleaning cycle has no effect on the frothing quality. This should be your first attempt to solve the problem, but if it has no effect…then you have to follow the next steps below.

NOTE: We have about 10 machines in clients already and the milk frother system is actually pretty damn good. The frother is pump-driven (not a suction system) and the consistency, etc. is fantastic. If clients follow regular cleaning with milk cleaning liquid, etc. the system works non-stop like a charm.

Video: https://youtu.be/QZ6pdjs4bY8

Images that will help as well:

Konig V8 milk pipe 2 small
Konig V8 milk pipe 1 small
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