Konig V8 – New features as at 2019/09/18

Check out this video from Christo about the new features on the V8 added through new software. NOTE: All new software and hardware can be fitted on all the machines already in SA (retrofit). https://youtu.be/xCstidnDXWI

NB: This machine is fast becoming the best thing that ever happened to Konig Coffee. It is now for all practical purposes 4 machines in one:

  1. Fresh milk + bean to cup + hot chocolate + Chai (2 buttons for Chai – with foam milk and without foam milk)
  2. Fresh milk + bean to cup + hot chocolate + Rooibos Instant (2 buttons for Rooibos- with foam milk and without foam milk)
  3. Fresh milk + bean to cup + hot chocolate + Instant Coffee (Jacobs) = This request was driven by Nedbank, Kaap Agri, and a few other clients who sit with the problem of a varying customer base (LSM market). Now we have best of BOTH worlds (bean to cup AND instant coffee) in ONE machine. Some people just do NOT enjoy espresso based coffees! Now we can satisfy both. MAYOR SALES PITCH HERE.
  4. Powdered milk + bean to cup + hot chocolate = “Queen Brilliance”. Powdered milk will always have a place, and some clients will insist on NOT wanting the problems of fresh milk cleaning and maintenance.

The beauty of these options above is that it is all build into the software. If the client changes his mind, you simply change the settings. Together with a simple YES/NO setting to switch from drum to plumbed-in inlet function…what can you possibly want more from one coffee machine

BUT WAIT, there’s more: The machine now comes standard with a normal Americano AND an Ice-Americano. The latter is an espresso with room temperature water (water from the inlet, not via the boiler). If you put a few blocks of ice in your cup before you start – you end up with a great ice-coffee!

Here’s the underlying strategy of this machine to our WHOLE organisation. The fact is, whether we like it or not, the Jura range of machines uses ONE product = coffee beans. With the V8, we go back to 3 products! Any combination of the above! I hope you get it!

I’m getting goose-flesh just typing this article…. 🙂

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