Introducing a “Systems Cost” from 1 March 2019

A monthly charge per franchisee of R250 excl. VAT will be implemented over and above the individual email-account charge of R50 per email address. A Franchisee with one email address will be liable for R300 excl. VAT from 1 March. Multiple E-mail incur multiples of R50.

This is our attempt to recover a small portion of the costs we incur and have been investing in to develop the systems and marketing tools that everyone benefits from.

A separate post/email will be sent about marketing costs and our plans for this year. Currently no additional marketing cost-recovery is planned, although it must be stated that most franchise organisation do charge at least 2.5 – 5% of turnover for marketing campaigns!

Currently we incur the following cost directly linked to a franchisee:

  • Insightly @ $9 = about R126
  • GSuite account (gmail and full access to all of Google’s systems, i.e. Drive, Docs, Sheets, Notes, 30GB storage, etc. etc.) @ $6 from April = about R84
  • New Odyssey Job Card system to be introduced during March and April to all franchisees @ R150
  • Odyssey App for Franchisee and big clients

The following are Monthly incurred costs that we cannot directly link to a franchisee, but does benefit the organisation as a whole:

  • Mailchimp (email marketing system) @ $75 = about R1040
  • AdEspresso (Facebook campaign management system) @ $149 = about R2086
  • Zoom for online conferencing sessions @ $15 = about R217
  • Zapier – connection system to automate Facebook leads into Insightly -@ $12 = about R168

New website already being used (THIS ONE) will be ready for live deployment by 1 March. Many plugins and features were bought to make this site much more interactive and user friendly for all. Ongoing maintenance and improvement will happen. Franchisees with shop/retail outlets will receive each a full page on the site at no cost to them. Aside from the labour involved, the software and hosting costs of the site is about R2000 per month. Labour and consulting costs during 2018 was above R180,000. It is a key-tool to our business and will benefit all franchisees much more in the future!

Facebook marketing is currently a cost to company of R20,000 per month. This is mainly used to generate leads into Insightly and distributed to active and willing franchisees as agreed in previous communications. We are planning to increase this as time goes on

Google Adwords are currently used minimally, about R3000 per month, but in this coming months this will be increased significantly.

A few other Marketing campaigns were used in the past years – Ontbytsake at R34k per shot, Coffee Mag at R120k, etc. We will continue to invest in Marketing activities and platforms.

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