Our Story

Coffee is one of the biggest commodities in the world and most of it (more than 60%) is consumed in the workplace...so “OFFICE COFFEE” is something big!

Furthermore in South Africa there are over 1,200 coffee roasters and importers of all kinds of coffee makers. 

The European and Chinese equipment manufacturers are not making it any easier. Options are plenty...and somewhat confusing...bean-to-cup, capsule, filter, instant, automatic, manual…?

What machine should you buy or rent? Jura, WMF, Sprada, DeLonghi, König, Godrej, Carimali, Saeco
...and where do you buy it from? Take-a-Lot, Makro or where you know you can "talk to a person"?
...and what happens if the thing breaks?
...and what if John, the CEO, doesn’t like the coffee?
...and everyone in our office think they are the reigning barista champion :)
...and the cost...a fancy coffee machine is just going to cost too much...right?...wrong!

Since 2001 we’ve been focusing on bringing great coffee into offices around South Africa. From the outset we realised the support of our clients will be key to the ongoing success and growth of our company. Hence we are still, to this day, the only coffee company with a national franchise network to ensure a personal relationship with each of our clients - from Polokwane to PE & from Pofadder to Port Edward.

We started small, but we grew consistently every year. People like a good cup of coffee, and they want jacked-up support. It is really as simple as that.
In the process we learned a few lessons:

1. We offer SAECO, JURA, KONIG, Godrej and many more machines; Every client is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So we grew our solutions over the years in both equipment and products Bigtime...and it’s still growing! Hence we need to have a quick conversation with you to ensure we provide you with the right options given your office layout, staff compliment, budget, etc. And of course ensure John and the barista champions are happy! Click here to download our brochure: https://konigcoffee.com/

2. Coffee is subjective. That is why we roast our own! You will never please everyone’s taste buds! Light Roast...Dark Roast...Single Origin or Blended...But with good training and ongoing support, you can get the happiness percentage above 80% and we can help you all the way

3. There will always be someone with cheaper coffee out there! We are not the cheapest, but we are certainly affordable, sustainable and with consistent Pure Quality. We do not skimp on what we put in but we add a lot more value along the way in support, service, know-how and solution providing

4. Our solutions does not fit everyone. We will tell you so if that is the case but with our range of equipment, products and consumables, we have a good chance to fulfilling your needs and hopefully at an agreeable price and with:
- two large roasting & packing facilities as well as technical workshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we employ our own technicians to work on your machines, we prefer not to outsource.
- an office in Durban offering limited services and sales
- over 36 franchisees nationally looking after every one of our clients
- an ever growing range of products including coffee, milk powder, care products, hot chocolate, consumables, etc.
- options to rent or purchase the equipment we offer and you can visit our showroom for a taste and play experience or just a chat about coffee
- Visit any of our König Coffee Shops, opening one by one in your neighbourhood we are well set to support any client needing great coffee in their office anywhere in RSA.
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