Fiamma Caravel 2GR Semi-automatic Coffee Machine

Fiamma Espresso machines are celebrated globally for their stylish designs and easy-to-use functionality, therefore König Coffee is proud to offer these fine espresso machines to our customers.

The Caravel is built with high quality, robust materials and components, making it a reliable and durable machine that prepares an excellent espresso every single time!

This powerful machine is a cost effective option that easily rivals any of the larger, more sophisticated 2-group machines in its category.

Semi-automatic, 2-group coffee machine

Executive restaurants, coffee shops, take away areas, medium to large pause areas

We offer convenient coffee machine rentals through our finance house over a period of 36 months with zero % escalation.

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Konig Coffee Aurora International Taste Awards

The König commitment

We continuously challenge the boundaries to ensure excellence on every level; from design & technology to quality & freshness, and a support network that remains unrivalled!

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