König A10s Bundle Deal


SAVE R 3113 with this fantastic bundle deal! With a daily output of 50 cups, The A10S Automatic König Coffee Machine is perfect for small to medium offices!

• 1 x A10S König Coffee Machine + 8L Milk Cooler
• 10kg Award-winning Java Reserve Coffee Beans
• 1L König Milk Cleaning Solution for your machine

• König Coffee is the sole importer of this product range
• Workshop, technical support and spares availability is covered

We offer convenient coffee machine rentals through our finance house over a period of 36 months with zero % escalation.

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• Easy to operate
• One-touch & Touch screen
• 4 programmable drinks plus hot water and froth milk
• 300g bean hopper
• Plumbed in ready!
• Large waste bin (60 cakes)
• Automatic milk rinsing cycle
• Tablet cleaning cycle
• Removable brew unit
• Simple operation, low maintenance & fully automatic
• 12g brewer

• Espresso
• Café Americano (long espresso with hot water)
• Cappuccino
• Café latte
• Hot water only
• Froth milk only

The A10S König Coffee Machine includes an attractive 8L Milk Cooler, which allows the machine to draw fresh chilled milk for a perfect brew all day long!

Download the König A10s Coffee Machine Brochure ›

Download the König A10s Coffee Machine & Milk Cooler Brochure ›

10kgs Worth of Gold award-winning, three-origin, medium roast coffee beans. A bold blend with a full flavour and chocolate undertones. Pleasant mouth feel with medium acidity, great as an espresso or in any white coffee. Easy, all-day drinking coffee.
Keeping a coffee machine’s milk system clean is extremely important and we have the ideal product designed for it. If no milk cleaning is done every day the foamer WILL block and limit foam-making.

Milk System Cleaning liquid is designed with Automatic Cappuccino makers in mind. Sterilises the entire system from milk jug to dispenser nozzle.

Easy to use and it should last up to 3 months if used every day correctly.

We offer convenient coffee machine rentals for businesses through our finance house over a period of 36 months with zero % escalation.

• No capital expenditure required,
• Separate equipment and beverage consumption billing,
• The VAT on rental equipment is claimable,
• Rental of equipment is tax deductible.

Konig Coffee Aurora International Taste Awards

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We continuously challenge the boundaries to ensure excellence on every level; from design & technology to quality & freshness, and a support network that remains unrivalled!

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