Zoe Sanremo 2-Group Coffee Machine

While compact in size, this machine offers a number of smart solutions, making it an ideal partner for executive restaurants, coffee shops, take away areas, and medium to large pause areas.

Many years of incremental improvements and adjustments have led to a machine with the best-suited features and functionality to offer the best possible opportunity to cater to market needs, while still meeting Sanremo’s high standards. Sans shells and panels, this machine offers reduced management, maintenance and servicing costs.

The Zoe Sanremo 2-Group Coffee Machine is the perfect option for your restaurant / coffee shop if you like the style and elegance of other top-of-the-range machines, as it features many of the same polished qualities and striking design. This machine is a much more accessible option than other high-end coffee machines though, due to its smaller size and lower price.


Executive restaurants, coffee shops, take away areas, medium to large pause areas

300 Cups

We offer convenient coffee machine rentals through our finance house over a period of 36 months with zero % escalation.

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• Built in volumetric pump
• Copper boiled and piping
• One double-scale pressure gauge
• Electronic automatic level
• Electronic pre-infusion
Dimensions - cm (WxHxL) 72 x 53.1 x 52.8
Voltage 230 - 400V
Boiler capacity 10L
Power 3050W
Power pump 150W
Net weight 62kg

Konig Coffee Aurora International Taste Awards

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