Review of the König V8

This is just a fantastic machine! Watch the video here:

More Konig V8 videos on our Youtube channel playlist: click here

Herewith a summary of features:

  • Can handle 100-150 cups per day easily
  • Bean-to-cup coffee WITH fresh milk
  • 2kg coffee bean hopper
  • Hot chocolate
  • Sugar option as ‘n pre-select (you can add sugar to any drink you like)
  • 10 programmable drinks
  • Can run off a drum OR plumbed in. Interchangeable – no extra unit or extra cost (amazing feature…not so with most other similar machines!)
  • Milk pump system! Yes, no suction or venturi system. Milk flow is perfectly controlled by the pump
  • Froth quality adjustment knob
  • 20 gram brew unit (yip….this one is just amazing)
  • Removable brew unit for cleaning – very easy to do

This machine is perfect for:

  • Medium to large offices
  • Petrol garages
  • Medium to large hotels or guesthouses

Need more info?

Click here and let’s talk over a cup of coffee

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