Reviewing our coffee blends

coffee beans range

Above national sales stats in quantity for the last few months of 2019. It is always difficult to just “kill” a blend as we all know that some customers just swear by that taste.

In the above list we have to look at all the blends from HAZZ ESPRESSO BEANS 1KG downwards (basically the bottom half) and try to work them out.

We ask that all of you assist us by moving your clients from any of these blends into the top-half of the list and speak to Deon for any advice if needed.

Don’t worry, we won’t just stop a particular blend without giving you fair warning, but please do assist us and be pro-active so long rather than waiting till we actually announce it!

SALES TIP: Now you also know which of our coffee’s are the popular ones…use this info when talking to clients. The House Blend is top of the list more due to price than anything else, this makes our Barista Espresso our most popular blend by far!

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