Saeco equipment strategy going forward

Take note of the strategy for Saeco equipment going forward

  • The Saeco Vending Range of equipment including Phedra, Rubino, Cristallo & Nextage will be discontinued with immediate effect as a regular stock item and have been replaced by the V8.  
  • We still have stock of the new Aulika. So please feel free to sell these for now. Once sold out, we will notify all and the same will apply for the Aulika going forward.
  • Specific orders from clients will be evaluated and the machines can be imported on request.

The Phedra is simply being replaced by the Konig V8 (which has more features, etc.)

The Aulika will be replaced by the Konig V6 moving forward.

Spares and services of Saeco machines will NOT be affected. We will continue to service this range of machines regardless of future sales.

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