Jura & Labour pricing from 1 March 2019


Jura Switzerland has taken over from 1 January and we’ve experienced increased frustrations in terms of being able to trade freely with new “brooms”, costing us frustrations and increased cost to drive up and down to Jura and back. On 22 March Jura Switzerland is doing an official opening and both Manus & I will attend and after which we expect some adjustments to increase our ability to make profit, but we do not know any details yet. IF the status quo does not change in terms of discounts, ability to buy spares and service machines, we will have no alternative but to reduce franchise discounts from 10% to 5% for Jura. We will keep you posted, we are working hard behind the scenes.

We already re-focused to our “own” range of machines, Konig (Rooma), Saeco, and Konig Vending (Godrej). This is where the success is lying for the near future in terms of R&D, GP’s, spares, services, support, etc.

Labour changes:

From 1 March our labour rate will increase to R390 excl. VAT per hour. Franchise discount remain 30% on the above.

Call out remain at R350 excl. VAT with zero discount to franchisees.

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