We're going Zoho

We're moving from Insighlty CRM to Zoho CRM!

After thorough research and analysis of our requirements during the latter part of 2019, we decided to move onto Zoho CRM and cancel our subscription for all users with Insightly. The main reasons herewith:

  • COST: We are on a legacy (old) plan in Insightly that is no longer a valid plan and will be forced to upgrade to their latest "basic" plan in this coming year. It will cost us a minimum of $39 per user.
  • FEATURES: The Insightly legacy AND basic plans do not cater for advanced reporting, dashboards, etc. Something that is a growing requirement moving forward
  • INTEGRATION: Insightly is a complete stand-alone system. We have already started using Zendesk (ticket system) as you all know internally which works great. But this is ALSO a stand alone system. Zoho comes with a wide range of products for businesses including CRM and Tickets (Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk). ALL INTEGRATED.
  • ZOHO:
    • Zoho product costs are much more value for money. The Zoho CRM professional plan is $30 per user compared to the Insightly professional plan of $59 per user.
    • Zoho has other products that we will also start using, such as "meetings" which will replace zoom (for group meetings).

Our goal is to operate a franchise business with much better processes, systems, communication, etc. This is a step in that direction and we will update you all on more developments as we go along.

Contact Manus for any questions.

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