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König Coffee (since 2001)

Since 2001, we actively developed a comprehensive range of hot-beverage vending solutions for large, medium and small offices.

We carefully selected a range of fully automatic coffee equipment from leading manufacturers, such as — but not limited to — Jura, WMF, Schaerer, Phillips-Saeco, Coffee Queen, Bravilor, La Pavoni and Rooma

König Coffee formerly The Coffee Co focuses on a relatively new channel of distribution, called Office Coffee Systems, whereby employees and clients can get a Café Quality hot beverage like Flat White or Espresso at the press of a button

Our Coffees are sourced responsibly and then freshly Roasted in-house to ensure you can get the best coffee possible, where you work.

König Coffee developed and are contract manufacturing all our own vending Soluble like Cappuccino Toppings and Hot Chocolates in South Africa.

You, our client get the best service on the market through our Franchise Network, who will ensure you can continue to enjoy the best beverages, all of the time.

More People expect great coffee these days, no matter what they’re doing. Gone are the days when stale dregs, burnt remains, and instant crystals would suffice. König Coffee can bring this coffee into the workplace – easily and affordably – because König Coffee is about great coffee anywhere, anytime.

In the office, shop, showroom, hospital or service centre, we make it possible to deliver coffee that satisfies anyone and everyone. Our systems make fresh coffee all day, customised for the drinker, without a lot of time or effort, and our coffee is among the finest on the market.

We are all about great coffee. The way coffee should be made but often isn’t. Great coffee speaks for itself. So do great coffee systems.

“I believe humans get a lot done, not because we’re smart, but because we have thumbs to make coffee. ”


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