Brewer Cleaning Tablets


These easy-to-use cleaning tablets care for-  and clean your coffee machine’s inside. It should be used after every 3 – 4kg of coffee. The tablet’s degreasing agent removes dirty coffee oils & residues that collect inside brewing units. Regular cleaning increases the lifespan of your machine and it ensures great tasting coffee all the time.

• König – 20 x 2g tablets
• Jura – 25 x 3.4g tablets

• Environmentally-friendly
• Phosphate-free


• Concentrated, fast-acting formula
• Quick and easy to use
• Improved coffee taste
• Extended life span of your machine
• Environmentally friendly, contains no phosphates
• Readily dissolves, leaves no residue

• Fully automatic, bean to cup, espresso and filter coffee machines
• Thermos flasks
• Follow cleaning instructions as per your manufacturer’s user manual

Here’s what our customers say:


These can safely be used for any make of bean to coffee machines as part of the routine cleaning maintenance to remove coffee bean oil residues from the brewing unit and machine. Having 20 tablets makes it more cost-effective than some other brands that only sell 10 tables in a pack

– Shelton – 13 Apr 2022, Takealot