Coffee machine rentals for shop and office

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Rent a coffee machine from us

We offer convenient coffee machine rentals through our finance house over a period of 36 months with zero % escalation.

The benefits of this include:

  • No capital expenditure required,
  • Separate equipment and beverage consumption billing,
  • The VAT on rental equipment is claimable,
  • Rental of equipment is tax deductible.

Our client may choose between purchasing machines outright, or renting them through our financiers, both with an optional maintenance plan.

Rental plans are available for registered businesses only. Ts & Cs apply.

What are our rental criteria?

coffee machine rentals

Our rental criteria include the following:

Are you a registered business?
Have you been trading for at least 2 years?
Do you qualify for finance?

If you’d like to apply for a machine rental, please complete the form below and our consultants will assess your request.  Installation, training and handover will occur on signing of the approved rental agreement.

Want to rent a coffee machine?

Complete the form below for us to contact you to discuss your requirements and then send you the rental application form.

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