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Meeting 2019/01/24

Topics: Sales strategy for 2019, Saeco vs Jura discount, Sales process with web-leads...

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Review of the König V8

What an amazing coffee machine...

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Insightly - From lead to opportunity

Systems make it possible, people make it happen. Use Insightly correctly!

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How to check if your bean to cup coffee machine makes great coffee

Knowing your bean-to-cup coffee machine can work wonders to produce a great cup of coffee every time

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2019 best wishes and FOCUS for the new year

All the best for 2019...

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How to look after your most prized possession

Know your "brew unit"

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How to conduct a sales meeting

Richard Denny's classical 7 steps to conduct a sales meeting

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How to do a proposal

Rules for doing a not fall into the trap

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